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I’m happy that you visit my homepage!

About 250 illustration of my artistic works will give you on the following pages the opportunity to have a summary of over 30 years artistic activity.


All works on display are small in scale, save for those listed under building sculptures. Further information (size, date and material) will be added in the course of building up this ho9mepage. Price lists can be obtained at any time.

The continued building of the homepage will give you more details (size, date, material) about the works.

You can demand a price list.


Let us embark on examining the shapes, the organic structures, the themes, their manifestation in works of art and their appealing and telling style.

An entity growing out of particles, organised and determined by universal structures.

Shapes in suspension are changing, are forming new shapes and structures. Shapes are becoming ambiguous, are dissolving and are revealing the force of shapelessness.

The individual image, sometimes a human image condensing from its origin gettin ready to unfold into something different.

Besides the obvious meaning of three dimensional images a second bayer of ethical dimensions appears:

Myself and the world have been found and overcome. A higher level has been reached.

To experience oneself beyond all sweet talk, without tragic fractures, rooted in society in responsible awareness of the original elements we shall be real, we shall experience ourselves in transition at risk, experience , live.


1964 – 1969 Study of plastic art and sculpture at Fachhochschule Dortmund, Professor Vohlwasen, Prof. Uhlmann-Deppe.

1976 – 1979 Social and educational studies at Ruhruniversität Bochum.

since 1969 living in Iserlohn.

1969-1973 Freelance sculpturer and graphic artist in Iserlohn.

since 1966 Educational activities:

Art courses at local colleges Iserlohn and Dortmund. Teacher training seminars at Fachhochschule Hagen.

Work with prison inmates in socially disrupted areas.

1973 main occupation arts teacher at Berufskoole des Märkischen Kreises in Iserlohn (social education college).

Exhibitions, group exhibitions, works publicly and privately owned.

Works for the city of Iserlohn comprise townhall, public bibrary, school Gerlingser Weg, public baths, Parktheater.

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