ART project criticized over design Components missing from plans

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — in case you paid attention to the animation and renderings of what the Albuquerque Rapid Transit bus line would look like when it’s done, you might have noticed a couple of fancy elements are missing. Now it is being called a case of bait and switch by a critic of the ART.

Renderings show nine miles of crimson concrete running up and down Central Avenue marking the dedicated bus lanes.

“The objective is certainly admirable to run up and down Central much more efficiently,” said Alex Stelzner.

However, that colored concrete will be a lot more thin than planned. Instead of the whole bus route, it will be limited to the areas around the bus stages.

ART’s unique design also featured colorful polka dotted pedestrian paths at stations — yet another attribute.

“I’m not very surprised. This really isn’t the first part of the project that they said something and did not follow through,” said Joseph Millard.

These cutbacks did not escape the eye of Donald Clayton, an ardent critic of the ART job who started a petition last year to put the bus system.

On his site, he predicts leaving out crosswalks that are colorful and the reddish concrete switch and a bait, used to sell the ART to Albuquerque.

KRQE News 13 took those questions.

“It costs over a 1 million to perform the red concrete to the whole nine miles. We chose to have the reddish concrete leading into and from the stations,” Griffin said.

Griffin said cutting on off the use of concrete that was red has been an effort to save money and stay within the budget.

She stated the bright polka dots were nixed by the town’s traffic management specialists due to fears they’d be too confusing for drivers

More than 85 percent of the job is completed. Partial service ought to start around Thanksgiving. The system will be fully up and running by the year’s end.


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