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BFA Sculpture alum along with Atlanta Artist, Mike Black, talks about the first days of his creative career, when he took the measure to a BFA longer

Last month, WonderRoot held its annual Walthall Fellowship display, hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Georgia, at which it revealed its 2017-2018 honorees. Georgia longer

BFA in painting Alison Hamil was showcased in a Charolette publication for the murals she’s done throughout town, including her most recent ones longer

Welch school, Glenn Gunhouse was quoted at a Inside Higher Ed attribute regarding Virtual Reality for his use of VR cans in his history more

In early July, Welch faculty William Downs flew out to New Mexico to direct a workshop in Takoja for their annual artist escape. Takoja s more

BFA alum, Shane Dedman is the lead vocalist of all LONER who s newest album, From the Tides of Time, was only featured in much more

Through the summer, our office continues to be hearing back from students showing work across the country, studying overseas, presenting at seminars, and participating in residencies. Teal longer

The wooden wind harps which Craig Dongoski made are not to be mistaken with wind chimes. They Don’t make songs, they make noise — more

What’ s so good about mythology is how it hastens hierarchies by creating hybrid forms of animal and person to more

Thomas Deans Fine Art Gallery held a student showcase for MFA applicants in Georgia State University and Florida State University. The group exhibit will be upward through more

Emily Pidgeon (BFA 10), a TED Chat inventive manufacturer, was interviewed in Georgia State s Magazine. In it, she discusses her day-to-day work and she moved more


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