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Online learning is something I know quite a lot about as a ghostwriter. Online tools and resources for learning are very advantageous, but you have to watch because you can’t believe everything that you read. That doesn’t need to dissuade you from taking advantage of the wealth of information that is available, however, because you would be missing out. You just need to know how to navigate online resources for the best in learning.

For the most part, online learning is best using only the most trusted sites. With a discretionary lens, as well as in certain learning situations, you can branch out to all kinds of sites. There are even unknown bloggers and site owners that share plenty of helpful information that you might not find elsewhere.

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As a ghostwriter, I do have to watch where my information comes from. I am also heavily dependent on that information. I have to write about all kinds of different topics to produce site content and articles, so you could say I also produce those helpful resources. For my personal browsing, I like to look at all kinds of sites for information, but I, of course, have to use my best discretionary lens to be able to tell what’s true apart from what’s not true.

Now let me digress for a minute and weigh in on something we collectively can’t do much about. You can use your best discretionary lens and still not be able to weed out all the untruths. That doesn’t mean you are believing everything you read, but it is obviously more difficult to have your guard up with the onslaught of information we have in this day and age.

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That being said, the best thing we can do is to make sure we are again using our best discretion. We don’t need to be so ready to believe everything we read and everything we hear. Social media has made things worse, but of course, there are many advantages to it, too. Think in terms of batteries. There is always a plus and a minus for most everything, regarding earthly matters.

To continue, it can’t be discounted that online tools and resources put a ton of knowledge at our fingertips. I remember the days when it was all about using books found at the library only or encyclopedia sets you had at home. While those were only my elementary years, I do remember those times. Furthermore, they allow me the lens to see better what you have to watch out for regarding information online in today’s world.

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Online learning continues to evolve. Online tutoring has been available for quite some time. Just the other day I was told by a friend of mine that he was using two different apps to communicate information about assignments in college. That was intriguing, and the online world continues to grow faster by the minute. You can embrace the positive aspects of online learning without giving in to the detriments at the same time.

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