Bethany Harper Williams — A New Artist in Maine Art

“I am completely inspired by water, sky, and beach, I really like the huge expanses of landscape. Couple this with all the changing sea lighting, and it is magic,” says Bethany Harper Williams.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is happy to introduce a great new artist. We now have the advantage of representing Bethany Harper Williams.

“I really don’t want to paint the clear. I love the viewer to search and find new things like the contours of colors, textures, playful contours and scribbles. The huge areas of sky or beach or water give me the space to perform,” says Williams. “When looked at up close, all these intriguing and unexpected shapes and vibrant textures and colors are available. Nevertheless from a distance, it’s obviously a heavens or beach or water”

Williams frequently has characters in her paintings. “I am attempting to capture an instant in time. I am not concerned with that the folks are, but I am attempting to invoke a memory others could relate to,” stocks Williams. “My people have come to be more simplified, much less detailed.” In her most recent series of Beach Days, the characters are easy strokes of colour. But as easy as they are, she captures the motion and interaction, the disposition and activity.

“I work mainly with palette knives large and small. Always having a palette knife to my characters. It helps me to stay away from focussing on facts,” says Williams. “Lately I have started to bring back brushes to my job in order to add feel, but I like using large brushes like a broom!”

William’s job is usually described as having vitality but also a calmness and playfulness. “It’s reflective of who I am. I am a doer. I am very active. I really like tennis, sports, golf, biking, swimming, and ski. But, I am also a really relaxed, serene individual. I love to travel, particularly experience traveling.”

One gallery owner says this around Williams and her perform. “Her work reflects the young energy of this current day nonetheless has peaceful and serene roots planted in nostalgia. This trend is expressed in her easy yet sophisticated type of painting”

What exactly does Bethany Harper Williams  express about her work? “It makes me glad that I have to do everything I love and other people enjoy it as well.”

“It makes me glad that I have to do everything I love and other people enjoy it as well.”

Join us for an autumn day on Saturday, October 21st. View the new functions. Hot apple cider and fall snacks will soon be served. Live music from local guitarist Beau Dalleo.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, in 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk, is available every day at 10 am. Check the website for final occasions as seasons change. FMI call 207-967-2803.

View our complete collection of Bethany Harper Williams’ work by clicking her  connection.

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