Dimensional Overlays of Each Earth Vibrating NOW

by Lisa; AwakeningToRemembering.com

Whenever you observe PLANET and all with numerous galaxies within it, like a variety of various measurements and timelines, you’ll begin to COMPREHEND and understand that Planet isn’t only one measurement, it’s really a gazillion of these. YOUR PERSONAL encounter with this PLANET is the play that plays for you personally. Your personal measurement/ you and schedule do not get a greater vibrational one INCORPORATE IT and TILL YOU IT from within you.

In the place of taking a look at Our Planet like a actuality as accurate, look as your edition at it that you PRODUCED and CONTAIN THE SHAKE for. Your indication, your mentalities, your values… Find out when the bodily contaminants which have obtained bodily type are that you need and then look-out there, satisfy your desires, encourage you and improve your spirit/existence today.

OR EVEN, you then have been in a classic schedule, which is really a vibrational COMPLEMENT with a kind of divorce that you simply still maintain inside. Before you have accomplished the shake you wish to encounter ALL THE MOMENT it is your decision to alter your shake and change, deliberately, continuously, continuously.

Your AWARENESS that is personal sends sequences, the wavelengths and rules that inform the bodily just how to consider type. Your interest, what you permit you to consider, permit oneself to take part in, permit to constantly happen in your schedule that is bodily.

that you don’t reach “simply abandon”… Your LightBody has maintain lighting, to DEVELOP, trigger your deposits, Christed Mind, to ensure that you may vibrate you may vibrate into various facts FOR YOU PERSONALLY…

Yes, that bodily the truth is YOUR GENUINE… your plan… your play…. All yours… And just how you LEAP TIMELINES it completely as much as the total amount PHOTONIC LIGHTING that you simply maintain (Lighting Quotient)… in every second… Or even bodily subject density’s quantity that you simply still maintain.

YOU’VE to get this done if you like another actuality… Yes, naturally from within and YOUR CAPABILITIES, to complete all effortlessly, normally for EMBODIMENT of greater lighting frequencies is what provides you with the power. ♥

Your TYPE OF PLANET may be the one the vibrations are held by you for. Previous Planet or FRESH. ♥ Your EDITION of one’s physique, thick 3D or LIGHTING 5D (and thus much beyond 5D today). Your Elements determine. Spontaneous or your Super-Consciousness demands just how it requires type IN RESPONSE FOR YOU and BODILY ISSUE!

Measurements overlay, place out and in. You’re standing alongside Angels, Christed creatures, ArchAngels, Ascended Masters, Galactic LIGHTING CREATURES (us) all the period, but when that you don’t contain the shake, you-can’t notice us, connect to us, before you change your personal vibration to shake into YOUR TRUTH below… Today. Whenever you quit “thinking” it can not be, you open towards the chance to really encounter this also. Itis not up there there, itis throughout you.

Which actually hologram that is strong have you been adjusting directly into, adjusting your body that is whole to… in every second. Melody to some higher regularity to shake right into a higher regularity existence….♥

3D Earth/Body
4D Earth/Body
5D Earth/Body
6D Earth/Body
7D Earth/Body
8D Earth/Body
9D Earth/Body
10D Earth/Body
11D Earth/Body
12D Earth/Body
13D Earth/Body
14D Earth/Body
15D Earth/Body
16D Earth/Body
17D Earth/Body
18D Earth/Body
19D Earth/Body
(and therefore higher)….

This really is a whole DEVELOPMENT into HIGHER-FREQUENCY BANDWIDTHS of EXISTENCES… That’ll continue until all the lower bandwidths are eliminated/mixed/dismantled and reconstructed in an entire fresh regularity (p-materialization/re-materialization). Yes, at this time.

Which physique, Planet, actuality that is vibrational have you been KEEPING THE TIME ALL… You’ll oscillate and re-melody continuously which Planet you’re on AT THIS TIME and as your concern becomes your personal lifestyle. These greater Cosmic Galactic Supply Chastity Christed wavelengths alter your shake, alter the thickness of issue that is bodily you, On The Planet, all of your inside/outside world.

Planet is just a vibration, the Cosmos is just a Shake, You’re Vibrations wherever stardust, issue, contaminants… Took form that was bodily.

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