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Rates in the plant hire industry can be volatile. When hiring equipment, people tend to forget that rates are never just rates quoted on one-size-fits-all criteria. Most of the time, rates are quoted in relation to the project at hand.

When it comes to hiring a plant in Cheshire, it is important to remember that there’s some consistency as quoted equipment rates are generally provisional estimates. These estimates are based on the expected lifespan of an item plus the profit a supplier expects to enjoy, assuming there is no unanticipated expenditure.

As rates are generally project specific, the cost of hiring plant equipment will differ between projects. Look at this site to know the factors that could affect plant hire rates in Cheshire.

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1. Availability

As with any service or product, supply and demand will affect how a plant for hire is priced. If an item’s demand in Cheshire exceeds supply, its rate will automatically increase. If the plant you want has to be sourced from a different location, it goes without saying that it will cost you more as you will have to cater for transportation. The good thing is that this works both ways. If there is an oversupply of needed items, then competition could be rife, forcing suppliers to subsidize their prices.

2. Machine Specifications

Just like when buying a vehicle, a plant’s specifications will define its hiring cost. A plant’s value is determined by things like – its features (which includes things like GPS or if it’s a UTS or Universal Total Station) make, model and year.

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3. Machine Hours

Just like the number of kilometers a vehicle has done, the number of hours a machine has operated will usually determine its value. The more the hours, the lower the cost of hire. When hiring a plant, it is advisable that you consider this as machines that have been in operation for quite some time aren’t that dependable and could break down at any time.

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4. Maintenance/Fuel

Depending on the kind of work the plant will be handling, maintenance and fuel could be included in the initial hire estimate. Site access and location could also influence the effect these aspects have on the cost of hiring them. Another thing that could determine this cost is if the plant/machinery requires service maintenance or scheduled maintenance now and then.

5. Wet vs Dry Hire

Wet hiring will always attract higher rates compared to dry hiring a machine as it is inclusive of an operator. The cost of wet hiring will vary depending on an operator’s qualifications and experience level.

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