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KALISPELL – The Museum at Central School is now prepared to sponsor a new exhibition which will comprise painter and photographer James Bakke, who was called a painter, but also was a talented photographer.

“James managed to capture not just in a gorgeous manner but also in a historic way what was going on during his time and place and that is such a rare thing,” said Jacob Thomas, the Executive Director at Museum at Central School. “It is likely to become a nostalgia trip for a whole lot of older Valley residents.”

“James R. Bakke: Authentic Montana Artist” comprises over 75 photos in the longtime Flathead artist. Many are being openly displayed for the first time.

Bakke was born in Eastern Montana but moved Whitefish at a young age.

From farm life to industry to Glacier National Park, the exhibit highlights exactly how much the region has shifted over a short time period.

Bakke captured important moments in 20th century history and natural beauty that was breathtaking initially using his photography as a model for his paintwork.

A number of the paintings are on loan.

The exhibit is curated by photographer Bret Bouda, who claims that his intention is to discuss Bakke’s work with the community who may not even recognize it exists.

“He had been one of the best photographers who lived within this Valley,” said exhibition curator Brett Bouda. “My goal is to place him on the map to discuss with people not just from the historical point but the attractiveness.”

An opening reception will occur next Wednesday, Oct.11 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Museum at Central School.

The exhibit will be on screen for approximately a year. Bouda says later that he hopes to find a permanent spot to show Bakke’s work.

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