Little Clam Brooches: Hiné Mizushima’s cute felt art jewellery inspired by the sea

Whonot enjoy only a little artwork that is experienced their evening to enhance? Better still if you’re able to happily wear anything as pleasant and adorable as Hiné Mizushimais small clam brooches. Japan performer – highlighted formerly – is famous on her lovable animation-like numbers, constructed from wool supplies.

With a significant severe concentrate on sea-life, Mizushima’s function is commonly impressed by a range of animals seafood, of the deep squid seaslugs; it is named by you, she likes to replicate it. Each item is adorned and handmade with switches small hooks and also the periodic brace — making figures that are small with easy particulars but people that are large.

Created and elevated in Asia, all around the globe resided before deciding in Vancouver together with her household. A sluggish crafter stop-motion performer and animator, her function hasbeen employed for audio movies advertisements, gallery displays and journal guides.

Should you adore these specific slug brooches, you then should take a look at her Etsy store.

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