Supercharger Whine Mod

If you have a supercharger on your vehicle, this can be one of the more unique aspects of any sports car. They are designed to compressed air, allowing more density or pressure to be supplied to the pistons. As a result of this, there will be more oxygen. When there is more oxygen, there’s going to be more powerful. That’s because the fuel will have everything that it needs to burn at a higher level. When you use these, they are also known for the whining noise that they make. Let’s discuss how you can increase the supercharger whine for the vehicle that you drive.

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What Is A Supercharger Used For Primarily?

There is a difference between a standard turbocharger and a supercharger. Although both of them are forced induction systems, the power supply is where the main difference is. When you have a supercharger, it is going to benefit from the belt that will connect directly to the engine itself. On the other hand, a power charger is only going to have access to the exhaust that is streaming through the turbines. Therefore, if you really want to have a lot of power, and a lot of whine, you do need to have a supercharger installed.

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So Why Do They Whine?

There are rotors in a supercharger. This is the primary reason that they make this noise. It doesn’t have to do with the belt which is what most people assume. There are certain tolerances that will be met, in relation to the air pressure that it will produce. Therefore, as you reach higher speeds, it’s going to make more noise. To increase the amount of noise that it will make, you can have the engine throttle higher. This is going to make it make more noise. You can also take this to a mechanic that would be better suited to identify what is making the whining noise and they can make improvements for you if that is what you would like to see.

Is The Whining Noise Bad?

The whining noise is actually preferable in most cases. It is a sign that it is doing its job. If it is not, it could be there’s the too much Teflon coating that is associated with the rotors, but that does not necessarily mean there is a lack of performance. You can always tell if it’s working based on the power that you will receive, especially as you are shifting years. As it winds up, and as you are increasing your RPMs, you are definitely going to hear the noise.

supercharger whine sound

If you really do want this to whine louder, you need to install what is called the sound tube. This will amplify the noise that it is going to make. You can buy kits that will allow you to take advantage of the supercharger you already have installed on your vehicle. Different sound tubes are designed for different levels of noise, so be very careful when making your choice. There are likely videos at online for each of the products that are being sold with examples of what they can accomplish. Use that information to your advantage before placing your order.

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