Melania Trump’s Makeup Artist on Designer Boycott

“I find it outside ironic as, before politics turned into a factor, all major A-list artists from all around the world are dying to groom her,” Nicole Bryl, who has worked with Trump to the past 11 decades, . “Why today because of their distinction in political views with her husband could they, as musicians, boycott? I am sorry, but this just seems unkind.”

Since the election, designers like , and have all said they won’t groom Trump. Other iconic performers, including , along with , have stated that they will gladly dress her. But Bryl states Trump is not allowing the detractors get under her skin. “Thank goodness Melania doesn’t even in the smallest get angry about these matters,” Bryl said. “She’s impressively among the most self-assured, self-confident girls I have ever known, and the only one who gets flustered about this kind of talk is me and those that know her and care for her the most.”

As for Trump’s much-anticipated style to get , Bryl did not spill any keys. But she does call which Trump will follow in the footsteps of and be known for her sartorial choices. “Melania’s attractiveness and buttery flavor will get iconic,” Bryl said.

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