This Artist Explores The Intersection Of Tech Art & With Bitcoin

How can you make tangible art from the abstract? That’s the sort of questions which: A) provides you intro to philosophy flashbacks or B) comes from your nemesis since they challenge you to fix their dastardly crimes. But he put the solution and replied . After several decades creating large pictures with Legos, he moved to a string that investigates bitcoin and transforms it to art from representational pieces.

“I make art that attempts to sort of shine a spotlight over the link between technology and humans,” Bauch states.

Purchased through online marketplaces or earned by “mining” (which involves solving complex math puzzles), bitcoins are purely digital and preserved and tracked by means of a brand new system. This is perfect for consumers, since it allows them to make purchases anonymously rather than requires them to utilize a traditional lender. As well as the current surges in some upcoming changes in the system, in addition to the currency’s worth make it an ideal period for Bauch to provide commentary through art.

Lego bricks have shown the perfect medium for this pursuit — Bauch was operating together with the colorful bricks since 2010 (you may remember him from his viral Breaking Bad motivated part in 2013), he has proprietary computer software that assists him to design and produce each slice. He has moved to the domain of the technology and art, Legos are ideal since they function as small pixels, creating compositions using a digitized look.

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