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Mobility spawned the phrase “consumerization of IT,” SDNs are replacing hardware; major players are demanding SDNs and the improved, and open, networking they bring. The times are indeed changing. More and more businesses need dedicated IT support. Mobility has us squarely on the precipice of a new frontier, a far more efficient one at that.

The Amorphous Landscape is Taking Shape
Necessity is the Mother of Invention

This party is just getting going. There are new companies, fledgling startups, pushing their way into this space every day. This is an exciting time as the new leaders are emerging. We still don’t know exactly who the major players in this space will be but these startups are pugilistic at best! No one is going down without a fight, maybe without money, but certainly not without a good fight! More to this point, with each batch of startups entering the pipeline, it is completely impossible to measure the incendiary forces driving this innovation. Each is doing something more, perhaps differently, and often times better, than the one before.
There are going to be huge players emerging from this startup frenzy and there is also going to be sufficient carnage. One cannot very well be had without the other! The needs of the industry will harness innovation and demand what it needs. Some will perish under these circumstances, left in its wake.

Show Me the Money

There are savings to be had in moving to the Cloud and SD WAN models. Those savings come from reduced expenditure on costly hardware, less time spent dealing with and figuring out that hardware and the juggernaut of all bottom lines: increased business productivity!

See you in the clouds!